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About Break Loose Records
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Break Loose Records is an independent imprint created by DLA HeadQuarters after 2 decades in the dance music industry. Founded in 2013 in the UK, Break Loose Records brings you the freshest international acts, live bands and specialist producers who are fully committed to the complete Drum & Bass music spectrum. The label will showcase specially selected music from a global platform; our aim is to be a strong reference within the D&B scene - to act as a bassline for the range of musical expression that you want to hear. Break Loose Records will be a musical inspiration to not only all you clubbers and party people, but also for the leading artists of tomorrow. Break Loose Records will be releasing the biggest and freshest Drum & Bass music full of dance floor movers to bring the whole world a taste of everything we love about the scene. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr, Soundcloud and Twitter to keep up to date with info/releases and more. Contact Info: General Queries Licensing Queries/Requests A&R Managers Dave Steward: Steve Cosmic: William Parker: Accounts: Anna Steward:
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