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Elektroshok Records
Welcome to my PYRO page!
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About Elektroshok Records
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Elektroshok Records was founded in 2009 by DJ and producer Michael White and his friend Jose Carlos. The Spain-based label began after the longtime friends, who met at a breakbeat party in Seville, decided to join forces and create an outlet where White could release his own tracks and help other artists promote their music. After being in the game for nearly four years, the two men have mastered the art of running a record label. Elektroshok began with breaks, but has since expanded to dubstep, electro house, glitch hop, drum & bass and moreany genre they love. They are always striving to find talented emerging producers. Ultimately, Elektroshoks goal is to reach as many fans as possible and introduce them to great new music. And with an artist roster that includes Nom De Strip and Maztek, they are well on their way.
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