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Fireball Recordings is the brainchild of Ben Stevens. A DJ who has worked as hard as anyone in our scene over the past 3 years with his consistent in quality productions on labels such as Vicious Circle, Tripoli, Toolbox and Flashpoint. Starting his own label was the natural thing to do for someone who has had so many big hitters under his belt. An outlet for Ben to release his own exclusive material - whether that be upfront productions or past creations which never found their way on another label - if you're a Stevens fan then Fireball will be your idea of Hard House Heaven. Ben also started the label with another aim in mind - to support some of the UK's hot up and coming talent. Welcoming any new material from producers out there, as Ben knows as well as any of us, for our scene to keep growing - new blood is crucial. It was four years ago when Ben started working for Vicious Circle, so his experience being behind the scenes of a Hard House label couldn't get much first hand if it tried. Fireball will give Ben a chance to release music which most represents him as an artist, not having to worry about fitting in with another labels genre or style, so will be a true reflection of what the man is all about.
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