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Juan Belmonte Music S.L.
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About Juan Belmonte Music S.L.
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Juan Belmonte Music is the record label founded by spanish producer Juan Belmonte, ex member of worldwide successful remix duo Pumpin' Dolls. He has remixed and produced since 1995 several artists like Santana, Cher, Whitney Houston, Kylie Minogue, TLC, Michael Jackson, Mike Oldfield, A Ha, Christopher Cross and many more, including latin stars such as Miguel Bose, Marcela Morelo, Monica Naranjo, Ricky Martin, Coral Segovia, Tino Casal, Malu, Chayanne, etc. His remixes received many awards in several countries and it's the only spanish producer to have three number 1 on the USA Billboard sales charts, among more than 30 number 1 sales charts songs in Spain and a bunch more worldwide. In 2012, looking for expanding his creativity he founded his own little label, and through it, he plans to discover and nurture new talents and promote new ideas for the digital era, focused mainly on dance and electronic music.
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