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Keep On Whispering
Welcome to my PYRO page!
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About Keep On Whispering
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We are just 2 angry chickens sipping tequila drinks and pretending its cocktails.... This particular label believes in uniqueness and deep stitched music. From German angry sounds to Chicagos unique signature, Keep On Whispering is a German label but most focuses on feeding and whispering good music. Born and established in 2015 by the veteran underground duo: Kat n Melk, music just got unpredictable. The formation of the label goes back to the successful release of discography on fellow labels and the grand-time hit hard next. Doctors give pills, nature gives life and we just pure musical madness - Kat n Milk Originally the label was named PLAY UNDERGROUND, but the duo felt like the tittle would require a more specific perspective and compresses the freedom to compose music.even if it meant doing a 16:00 min track. When it comes to influences and inspirations, Keep on Whispering reflects on good quality music, and nothing more. Keep on Whispering believes in a Deep-Stitched signature and besides styles, it believes in small crowd pleasure. We love our crowd crazy filled with lemon and salt with honey and beer. And they understand what we say through our music IF YOU KEEP ON.THEN WHISPER
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