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Ber'lin Records, named after a party Cris is Bliss promoted in Harlem, was formed in 1997 to specialize in House/Dance music, while the Rough Luxury brand would concentrate on the Hip Hop, R&B and related genres. The Ber'lin Club/Party was so named to evoke the spirit that existed during the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920's and in Berlin, Germany during that same time period. It was a time when people of different groups were, for the first time, on a large scale, mixing with each other on a social level (Social Networking in the physical world). In Harlem, USA and Berlin, Germany of the 1920's, the Jazz Age was in full swing and people were enjoying a new freedom of dancing that was not seen before and would not to be seen again until the Disco Era of the 1970's and early 80's. And so Berlin Records strives to be a part of that force that will usher in the next wave of dancing freedom in the 21 Century.
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