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David Slackerton DJ
yeah its like that y'all
United States, Current: Shanghai, Howetown: San Francisco
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Released on Apr-27, 2016
Released on Mar-13, 2016
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Despite being told (on more than one occasion) that he looks more like an IT guy than a nightclub DJ, David Slackerton quickly dispels any confusion there might be as to where he belongs once he steps behind the decks. With more than 20 years of experience collecting and mixing tunes, his sophisticated music selection and confident, aggressive mixing style make it clear that he spent more time on the decks or a dancefloor than in a little closet configuring office router connections. Slack draws a great deal of inspiration from the sounds he came up with in his hometown of San Francisco. Heavily influenced by the likes of Doc Martin, Mark Farina, and Josh Wink, their impact on Slack's mixing is evident in the dynamic range of his track selection as well as the loopy hypnotic style he uses to bring tracks in and out of the mix. Soulful vocals floating in over percussive techno beats, classic house, funk and soul samples layered into pushy and aggressive rhythms that can only be described as 'fresh.' His belief in the importance of having a distinct voice and a unique sound is clearly evident with each layer he introduces.

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