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Sharam is happy to announce the launch of a new music outlet called "Dirt Jugglerz". "With so much amazing music coming out from different genres of dance music, i felt the time was right to create an environment to showcase cutting edge and innovative music from the future stars of dance music" says Sharam. He views Dirt Jugglerz as an outlet for music fusion testing the boundaries of Electro infused house to dubstep, drum n bass and anything else of quality in between with the main emphasis being dirt, grunge, filth bass and memorable music. Dirt Jugglerz hits the ground running with an exciting new release from fast rising Spaniard Heren. 'Never Let Me Go', released on Sharam's Night & Day compilation, takes the rays of his native Barcelona sunshine and transforms them in to musical gold; fusing a beautiful vocal over piano and electro stabs. Remix comes from another up-and-comer Rawrberry transforming the original into a festival friendly masterpiece doubling up on the dirt factor. Hands in the air! Rawrberry was also featured on the Night side of Sharam's Night & Day album. Heren - 'Never Let Me Go' Original and Rawrberry Remix is out 6th of October exclusively on Beatport and 20th of November on iTunes and all good DMS.