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Ebar DJ
In the beginning there was Jack, and Jack had a groove...
China, Shanghai
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Released on Feb-14, 2019
Released on Feb-03, 2019
Released on Dec-18, 2018
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Full presskit (PDF): Abbreviated bio: EBAR has been doing this since 1990. With the best people. Within the finest clubs, warehouses, festivals, studios, and record labels around the globe. Born to acid house in Chicago. Existing deep inside the electronic nucleus of New York City’s creative scene from 1999-2015, then restlessly shifting eastward into Asia’s musical underground. A classically trained pianist since 1980 who pinched and squeezed those skills into his first proper DJ booking in 1990, and first worldwide record release in 1997. A founder of three prolific record labels, two of them vinyl, one of them seminal. A producer of intimate nocturnal parties in the underground, of massive brand-name festivals around the world, of lifestyle brands for the electronic music generation. Musically? Able to appease the hardest to please. From staunch underground purists, bottle-service hedonists, sunset worshippers, passionate VIPs and neophytes. The ingredients are clattering percussion, inspiring synth lines, earthquake sub-bass, swirling dark loops, uplifting textural elements, soaring voices, twisted warbles... the vernacular of this music. EBAR spends all nighters scavenging the deep corners of the Interwebs for beats from mysterious labels, arcane blogs, or edits and originals from his own production studio.

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