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关于 Joey Dale
At the age of 16 Joey started producing house music, Joey instantly knew this was his passion. Shortly after releasing his first track at a small label and his first experience with deejaying, he only had one dream: playing his own music all over the world! After he graduated from High School in 2011 he could completely commit himself too his music, with the support of his family and friends. Joey’s productions started to draw the attention of the bigger DJ’s in the scene. After years of producing, meetings and gaining experience, in 2013 he got his first release on Spinnin’ Records. What followed was lot's of studio time, with many colleagues, making tons of new music. With his signing to Stars Agency and Hardwell Publishing in the last months of 2013, many doors opened. With his first releases on Revealed Recordings and many bookings abroad his career got a real kickstart! In January 2014 his track ‘Ready for Action’ together with Alvaro got released on Spinnin’ Records. In July 2014 he released his track ‘Arcadia’ together with Hardwell.


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