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Kornel Szennovitz DJ
dj - collector - promoter
China, Beijing
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Released on Jan-07, 2019
Released on May-16, 2018
KornelSzennovitz@aurora beijing 2018.2.23
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"Kornel started his musician life when he was 16. With two of his friends had organized many school events and later they rent a place in Budapest 21th district where this parties done. He grown up a community in Budapest 16thdistrict with DannyL (Muzzaik) and SanFranciscoBeat. After his 25th birthday he left his country and traveling around the world. He has a lot of experiences about feelings, traveling on the waves of music, give the love of this life. On a big trip called life he work together a lot of musicians like Alexander Kowalski, Dj Nobi, Dj Vibe, and played with a team of Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE)" DJ-MAG Hungary 2008 On a five stage central-America trip he met a lot of great musicians and a took a place for a two hours se at - one of the best club in Panama City - Liquid on new years eve. 2008 he was startung his own promotion agency named underGrass. The next years he and his crew made several commercials and travel movies around Europe. From Corfu to Athen he made his name around Greece his favourite country for living. Best memories the Kite European Championship@Lefkada and Acropolis Eve@Athen. With underGrass promotion he had several white label tracks played by djs from Amsterdam to Budapest.
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