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Matt Lucker proDJ
多重音乐风格DJ, 音乐制作人 & 吉他手.
Canada, 上海
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Released on Jan-30, 2019
Released on Feb-20, 2019
Live Stream Session | Matt Lucker
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After 107 high-intensity tours in 2018, Matt Lucker has become a popular Asian top-class artist. Passion, wild style, superb DJ skills and control ability make his live stage epic. Born in Shanghai and grew up in Toronto, he cleverly blends a variety of musical styles just like the multiculturalism of the country of Canada. Thus making his unique music faction----high energy, wild, passion but yet elegant and wonderful. With a strong musical background, he not only has excellent on stage performance, but also excels in music production. From he ranked first in the world remix contest on debut, following by every piece of work on the leaderboard of "Beatport", undoubtedly proved his production quality and level of work. He has been selected for the top ten DJs in China for two years. It is enough to prove everything. (9th in 2017, 5th in 2018 by Pyro China's top 100 DJ). Matt Lucker continues to tell the world his unique musical story.........
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