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加拿大, Montreal
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Some are drawn by the night lights, lured by the maddening crowds, attracted to stardom promises and main stage features. Others are lucky to live extraordinary lives doing what they love the most - simply because they're so good at it. Two of these lucky shots are Paris & Simo. This Canadian duo has swiftly risen from being the new kids on the block to becoming a leading name in the ever-changing world of electronic dance music. With their productions signed to major players such as Revealed Recordings, Spinnin' Records, Protocol Recordings, Musical Freedom and many others, as well as a loaded tour agenda that takes them from the studio to renowned clubs, the momentum of Paris & Simo is now. As the future resounds an even greater role for these guys to play, they are setting out to meet the world and make their music echo in every corner. You might want to listen.


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