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Passion Trax Records
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About Passion Trax Records
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Passion Trax Records are based in the North-east of Scotland and was formed in 2016 by Liam Youngson and Ryan Mackay as a subsidiary of RMX Music Group. The Label managed by Liam, with a dedicated team are working with producers / artists both locally and from afar to bring you the latest and greatest in House music. Something everyone at Passion Trax are passionate about is music, specifically the styles and genres you'll hear generated by the label. We also make sure we allow our artists to stand out and put their signature sound on the front-line, which we feel is very important with the vast amount of music you see being released on a daily basis around the world today. 2016 seen the label preparing their release catalogue in preparation for 2017 and beyond, along with a number of showcase events.
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