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Red Alfa Records
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About Red Alfa Records
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The Red Alfa Records is an independent Label working with artist in the underground scene, Red Alfa Records was formed in March 2013 and released EDM, Dance, Drum & Bass,Jungle, Dub, Alternative, Experimental and all other genres of music, the labels main aim was to look for fresh new talent, listen to their work's and if of a high standard help them find success with there music. Red Alfa Records was formed by recording artist and producer Red Alfa after such release's like his debut album Titania and singles like Phantom of the bass and Tremor, he formed "Red Alfa Records" to give others the opportunity's he was given by Anarchy Audio, in 2014 Red Alfa Records become the new owners of Anarchy Audio and new EDM label Bluebeck Records, striving to give maximum exposure to all its artist. In 2015 Red Alfa Records will only be Releasing underground music, Bluebeck Records will be Commercial & EDM and Anarchy Audio will Be both Commercial & Underground Music
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