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Rhemi Music
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Rhemi Music on Aug-10, 2018

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After being introduced by mutual friend, Sy Sez. Ziggy Funk and Neil Pierce decided to get together to put some ideas down in the studio. After a few session it became apparent that two had a great connection in the studio and decided to form a partnership and Rhemi Music was born!. As individuals they have had successful careers in their own right. Ziggy Funk released great hits like 'Everyday' through Foliage records and 'What you afraid of' on house music legend label DJ Spen's, Quantize recordings. Both tracks featured the amazing vocal talents of Taliwa and both respectively hit the number one spot on numerous charts. Neil Pierce's career speaks for itself. From founding Hustle music to resident DJ and A&R at Soul Heaven and one half of the highly successful production duo Fanatix. Neil has been and continues to be one of the most prolific DJ/Producers out of the U.K. The reason for this label venture is to release good quality house music that will stand the test of time and also allow for more creative freedom. You can expect collaborations with House music heavyweight hitters such as Dj Spen , Terry Hunter, Sara Devine and Lynn Lockamy to name a few. The future looks bright for this upcoming label and with a ethos of high quality control, we are sure nothing can hold the amazing potential.
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