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09-16-2017 Gangster Club Mantis , Devon Sun, BB Deng
中国, Dongguan
16.09.2017 at 10:00 下午
09-16-2017 Gangster Club Mantis , Devon Sun Date | 日期 : 09-16-2017 DJ Lineup | 演出阵容: Mantis (South Africa 南非 - Shenzhen 深圳),Devon Sūn (Canada 加拿大 - Xiamen 厦门) Genre | 类型: House &Techno ------------------------------- DJ Biography | DJ自传: ------------------------------- MANTIS (South Africa 南非- Shenzhen 深圳) Born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, Mantis is now one of the most influential people in the Shenzhen underground music scene. After a music and DJ career that spans many years, over 10 of which have been spent in China, Mantis has and continues to establish numerous projects which helps the music culture of the places where he resides. He is the Founder of The Mantis Project and has been the Music Director for various Clubs in Shenzhen . 出生并长大于南非约翰内斯堡的Mantis是目前深圳地下音乐领域里最有影响力的人物之一,拥有多年在音乐和DJ专业领域的丰富经验,并且在中国的十年时间里,Mantis还建立了非常多的音乐项目,参与不同的音乐活动,充分影响到当地的音乐文化。他是Mantis Project的创始人,并曾在深圳数家酒吧担任音乐总监。 ----------------------------- DEVON SŪN (Canada 加拿大 - Xiamen 厦门) With over a decade of professional DJ experience, Devon takes his musical experiences from the coastal rain forests of British Columbia, Canada, to the tropical jungle islands of Thailand, and in between, the beaches, mountains, and metropolises of Japan, Korea, and China. Often funky and soulful, he blends our ancestral human sound and the nature from which we come, with kundalini awakening bass. "We are organic, we are soulful, we are tribal. Let us dance off the machinery to which we chain ourselves and return as human BEings. Let us be free!" 已有超过十年的专业DJ经验,Devon的音乐旅程总是有海洋的陪伴。从英属哥伦比亚和加拿大的热带雨林,到泰国的丛林岛屿,途经各种山川海域,中间也踏足了日本、韩国、中国的自然风光与国际大都市。他的音乐布满节奏而灵动,神秘又蕴含唤醒意味的 Bassline时刻提醒着我们人类与自然的关系—"天地同根,万物同源" , 让我们在Devon的音乐中舞掉枷锁,拥抱自由! ----------------------------- BB DENG (Hong Kong/ Taiwan 香港和台湾) BB Deng was born and raised in Hong Kong/ Taiwan, who is based in Beijing and has earned the prestigious reputation of being one of the top Electronic music artists in China. Her music career started from playing in rock bands in Taipei and Beijing. In 2008, BB Deng has opened her own club "The Boat" and has organized countless of music events and festivals. After 15 years of DJing experiences, she has toured around the world to play at muisc festivals, love parade, underground clubs from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong to Germany, Netherlands, France, Croatia, Austria, Finland and Spain. BB Deng has released music under KUUKOU records (Berlin) and Reload Black label (Spain), and has also played at most of the biggest music festivals or top brands in China. To learn more about her, please go to : BB Deng是成长于香港和台湾的独立女DJ和制作人, 目前定居北京。早期担任摇滚乐队主唱与键盘手,2000年开始在台北的ROXY系列酒吧 DJ, 03年搬迁北京,除了持续在中国演出她也开过THE BOAT俱乐部并主办过无数的音乐活动和协办音乐节。2013年受邀到阿姆斯特丹ADE演出及担任亚洲座谈会嘉宾, 15年后她开始持续每年欧洲巡演,从音乐节,万人电音花车游行到地下俱乐部,曾演出过的国家包括德国,西班牙,荷兰,奥地利,克罗地亚,芬兰和法国等。 曾经参演过中国许多大型的音乐节如INTRO,草莓,摩登,, 长阳,乐堡,张北, 阴阳,eMidi, 湘江等等,也经常在中国各城市的俱乐部演出,更是多个一线品牌如保时捷,奔驰,宝马,Chloe等特邀DJ。BB Deng目前在柏林的KUUKOU Records和西班牙的Reload Black Label底下发行音乐,想要对她有更多的认识请到她的官网。 ----------------------------- Gangster Bar Building 27, No. 8, Gongnong Street, Dongguan 东莞市工农8号27号楼
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