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1周年庆 Guest DJ DoubleLu 当红不让
重庆市, China
26.01.2019 at 07:30 AM
All the stories from that day start, infinite continue the night life of the city of high quality, in numerous night, here's story. We have new beginning, good for a year, waiting to be released in the day. Anniversary of the birth of a brand, pay and looking forward to this year, inscription on each visit guests. Don't let 2019.01.25 continue wonderful - most popular Guest DJ @ DoubleLu Line has lost 14 years, no doubt, can be referred to as "old gun son" industry, since 2003, he witnessed the origin and development of Chinese electronic music culture. As early as in high school, do the band from his watch linkedin Park site and inspired the world contest of DMC, started to Scratch the mill sound effects to join the band live show, which started a deeper exploration of electronic music, gradually formed its own unique performance style. Music style across the Trap, Hip Hop, mismatch between, he have a special liking to crunchy beat. Before each performance, he will spend a lot of time, according to the requirements of different audiences to different types of music, he believes that his efforts will get feedback on performance. He had won, head of the 11th pioneer DJ competition third title mill group, southwest of the 13th district mill group runner-up. Several years of experience and precipitation, highly attention from all walks of life. ISY sanya international electric syllable specified preheat, 2018-2019, December 30, 2018 of the # Untaggable x Journey in nanjing To Transmission festival, he involved in the field of various electronic music, the music festival and CLUB invited guests. Invited to the global brand electric syllable IP "Transmission", we have any reason to refuse his live. 2019.01.25 let us together to witness, electronic music circle the site of the old gun. Beating red blood flow with dry, in the world of music to release myself. Anniversary, we are going to give prize to put more thought and music emotion passed to more people. Don't fancy language, just want to remember every moment here. 2019.01.25 Invite your participation Don't let most popular SPACE CLUB 1 anniversary
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