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11-18-2017 Gangster Ellbe Chan, Mantis, Leevo
中国, Dongguan
18.11.2017 at 01:57 下午
11-18-2017 Gangster Ellbe Chan, Mantis, Leevo Date | 日期 : 11-18-2017 DJ Lineup | 演出阵容: Ellbe Chan (Hong Kong香港)Mantis (South Africa 南非), Leevo (土耳其 Turkey) Genre | 类型: Tech House & Techno ------------------------------- DJ Biography | DJ自传: ------------------------------- ELLBE CHAN (Hong Kong香港) Born Ellbe Chan Dj began her career in 2007 after noticing DJ's like Christian and Thierry Wils. After falling in love with electronic music and the scene meant in 1991 Chan decided to purchase some decks and try her hand at DJing. Her first entry into DJing for real was when she held a residency at I Club, having then escalated into Ellbe headlining at Smile HK and Bang Club, Shenzhen alongside monthly appearances at Bassment and Social Room in Hong Kong and Colorado Festival 2016. Ellbe absolutely rocks the dance floor at any given time with her sophisticated blend of deep house. And techno that are inspired by the likes of Carl Craig, Sventh Vath, Modulador B, Recondite and Dixon. Watch out for Ellbe Chan's technical skills as it's one of the most memorable and amazing dance floor experiences. 出生Ellbe Chan Dj在2007年開始她的職業生涯,當時注意到了像Christian和Thierry Wils這樣的DJ。 在愛上電子音樂和場景意味著在1991年Chan決定購買一些混亂中音器,嘗試踏上DJ生崖。 她第一次進入DJ是真正的時候,她駐場在 I Club,然後升級到 Smile HK和Bang俱樂部,深圳的Ellbe主演,以及每月在香港的Bassment和Social Room, Colorado 音樂節2016。 Ellbe絕對在任何給定的時間與她的複雜的Deep House的混合搖擺舞池。 和Techno,靈感來自Carl Craig,Modulador B,Recondite和Dixon。 注意Ellbe Chan的技術技能,因為它是最令人難忘和驚人的舞蹈地板體驗之一。 ----------------------------- MANTIS (South Africa 南非) Born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, Mantis is now one of the most influential people in the Shenzhen underground music scene. After a music and DJ career that spans many years, over 8 of which have been spent in China, Mantis has and continues to establish numerous projects which helps the music culture of the places where he resides. He is the Founder of The Mantis Project and the Music Director for Bang Club. 出生并长大于南非约翰内斯堡的Mantis是目前深圳地下音乐领域里最有影响力的人物之一,拥有多年在音乐和DJ专业领域的丰富经验,并且在中国的八年时间里,Mantis还建立了非常多的音乐项目,参与不同的音乐活动,充分影响到当地的音乐文化。他是Mantis Project 的创始人以及邦酒吧的音乐总监. ----------------------------- LEEVO (土耳其 Turkey) From the Black Sea Coast of Turkey comes LEEVO. He came to Shenzhen in 2014, and he has been regular player of the Shenzhen nightlife and parties. In a very short time with his dedication,taste of music and the way he is DJing, he got full support and respect from the other people in Shenzhen electronic music scene. With the various emotions and ideas from middle east and Europe, he created his own style. House, Techno, Minimal and Psytrance are the genres He mostly plays . His sets are always well-connected with the crowd and everybody gets different stories from them. Beside he played in every underground music venues in Shenzhen and also events & festivals, during the years 2016-2017,he was resident DJ in Bang Club where he shared the same stage with well-known Chinese Techno acts such as :Frankie Lam, WengWeng, Mickey Zhang, Elvis T, BBDeng,... After Bang Club he started to play at Club Sector Underground regularly for “ Detached” techno events and he played with heavy international acts like; James Tristan(Suara, Bedrock), Trus'Me (Prime Numbers),Bryan Kasenic (The Bunker New York)... in the beginning of 2017 Summer, He moved to Dongguan City. Currently he is working for Dongguan’s Only Underground Music Venue “ Gangster Bar” as Music Director and trying to build up a underground music scene in there beside that he regularly keeps playing for 'Detached' Techno Events and monthly doing his “ Mekanizma" Techno Night at Studio S.K.A aka Peacock.
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