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Shenzhen, China
18.11.2017 at 06:00 AM
MAGMA & TOTALLY RAD are thrilled to announce a special upcoming event: synthwave legend COLLEGE will play at Magma | Dolores Park on Nov 17th, supported by our retrowave fav ECTOPLAZM! MAGMA & TOTALLY RAD 隆重宣布我们接下来的一个活动:电音合成传奇COLLEGE将会在11月17日在 Magma | Dolores Park 演出!还有我们爱的激光闪耀的Retrowave ECTOPLAZM支持演出! ************** COLLEGE With the opening synth pulse of 2010's 'A Real Hero', David Grellier - aka College - (alongside collaborators Electric Youth) managed to bottle lightening, encapsulating everything that is great about synthwave or retrowave music (call it what you will) in just under five minutes. 随着2010年的这首“A Real Hero”合成音乐开场 , David Grellier - 也就是College -(还有合作伙伴Electric Youth)共同把灯光,Synthwave或者Retrowave音乐(随便你怎么叫)融合封装在不超过5分钟的演出中。 The song, that featured famously in the Ryan Gosling movie 'Drive', is still a benchmark for the genre, and its creator, College, is held in similar high-regard thanks to a string of memorable releases, live shows and DJ sets. 这首曲子,在Ryan Gosling的电影“Drive”(亡命驾驶)中完美演绎和配合电影,至今仍然是这部电影的经典,并且它的创作者,College, 仍然因为一系列难忘的音乐发布,现场和DJ组合表演,令人尊敬和充满感激。 Now, the 'Titan of Synth' will bring his brand of 1980's-inspired electronic music to Dolores Park, for a special synthwave happening that promises to be at once nostalgic and forward-thinking. 现在,“Titan of Synth”会带着他1980年代的电子音乐来德洛雷斯公园西餐厅,对于这个特别的电子合成之夜,我们承诺给你一个怀旧和未来展望的夜晚。 ************** ECTOPLAZM Ex-Party Horse and snake-hipped Junks frontman, Ectoplazm is on a mission to bring retro-wave and tasty synth revival cuts to the masses. Blonde-haired, funkily dressed and never without his trusty baseball cap, Ectoplazm likes to keep one foot in the past and the other firmly in the future. 前Party Horse乐队和Junks乐队主唱,Ectoplazm身负使命为大家带来retro-wave复古波和美妙的合成复兴音乐。金发、放克独特装扮和永不放弃棒球帽的Ectoplazm总是一只脚踩在过去,另一只脚坚定地伸向未来。 Ectoplazm is in thrall to all things neon, 80s and retro, and his fun-loving DJ sets are full of arpeggiated synth lines, punchy drums and songs that soundtrack your retro-futuristic dreams. Ectoplazm魔性的挚爱所有霓虹灯、80年代和现代复古流。他乐趣所在的DJ表演充满合成器琶音、震撼的鼓声和追踪你复古又未来梦想的声迹。 Based in Hangzhou, Ectoplazm is part of the city's growing party scene and has performed in his various musical guises at some of China's biggest music festivals, (including MIDI and Strawberry Festival) and some of the most happening clubs (DADA, Loopy). 扎根于杭州,Ectoplazm是这个城市派对成长愿景的一部分,并且他已经在中国各大音乐节和clubs受邀表演,其中包括迷笛、草莓音乐节、DADA和Loopy。 ************** TIME 时间 Starting at 10pm Friday, 17th November 2017 11月17日 周五 晚上10点开始 ************** ¥ 60 advance 预售 ¥ 80 at the door 现场 Get your ticket in advance here | 网上订票预售 ************** ADDRESS 地址 Nanhai Yiku, Gongye 3rd Road, Block 2# 101 Shekou, Nanshan, SZ 深圳市南山区蛇口工业三路南海意库2栋101
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