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Daily Vinyl x BEATWEEN presents BENEDEK (PPU, US)
上海市, China
26.04.2019 at 01:00 PM
EVENT:Daily Vinyl x BEATWEEN presents BENEDEK (PPU, US) DATE:Friday, 26 April 2019 VTICKETS:60RMB ENUE:Dada Shanghai DJ’s:Benedek,Endy,Knopha Shanghai local crew Daily Vinyl and Xiamen finest BEATWEEN bring you BENEDEK from LA, the man who released the sweetest modern synth-pop/boogie/proto-house stuffs via NY’s PPU label and the legendary Music From Memory. not only the famous radio like NTS, Boiler Room, Bene played most the best stages in the world to share his mind on the game. Not only the DJs and music lovers, some lovely Tokyo model like Yuka Mizuhara and Kiko Love to dance with his works. 26th April, supported by Knopha, Endy Chen. A simply tight night and best choice for sure. Nicky Benedek Post-disco R&B and the early house music it birthed, along with the progressive funk of Dâm-Funk, are among the influences absorbed by Nicky Benedek. The Los Angeles native made his debut after he sought out Dâm-Funk at a Funkmosphere night in nearby Culver City. Dâm obliged by composing the lyrics for "That's My Jam!" and also fronting the track, released as the A-side to Benedek's 7" 2011 debut for the Proximal label. An untitled full-length for Peoples Potential Unlimited followed two years later. After a handful of 12" releases, including a collaboration with Martine Syms, were released during 2015 and 2016, Benedek completed the Bene's World LP, which Leaving issued in 2017. Additional Benedek output has been credited to C.O.O.L. Band and Manzanem, and he has recorded as Rx with Delroy Edwards.  His latest project, the Earlyman Dance E.P. was released on Second Circle, sub-label of legendary Amsterdam label Music From Memory. Mining his boogie and electronic soul influences but also indebted to esoteric electronics, digital smooth jazz, proto-house and more, Benedek’s music is making it into the bags of those who know - taking listeners to soulful yet unexplored aural zones that blur the line between bedroom and dance floor. Endy Endy Chen was in the vinyl game for many years and is the proud owner of a large collection of Asian groove from the 80s. Endy likes to discover unknown artists with tracks that make you dreamy and oh-so-groovy. His finds span all genres, from anime soundtracks to old Chinese wax. Endy has shared the stage with many great artists like Eric Lau, DJ mitsu the beats, DJ Muro, Cro-Magnon, AZ, Lipelis, Chee Shimizu, Airbear and many more. He has also been the headline of some Shanghai’s coolest par-ties such as “WOOOZY OFFLINE: VINYL SPECIAL”. He has also played guest mix sets for radio stations like NTS Radio, NOISEY, RBMA Radio and Meat & Bone in Shanghai. From the year of 2016 he started to diggin’ records oversea also bring records to play in different cities like Hong Kong, Singapore, Nagoya, Okinawa, Kobe, Osaka and Tokyo. He also has been played DJ set for music festival like Concrete & Grass (Shanghai, 2016) and JZ festival (Shanghai, 2016). In the year of 2013, Endy Chen founded his own record label, Groove Bunny Records, and has released numerous local Chinese artists on CD/cassette and vinyl, selling the records to many countries. In 2014, he co-founded the online record store 'Daily Vinyl' with DJ ollo-MAM and be-gan to work with some of the finest indie-record labels in the world. Soon enough, DV became one of the most important record spots in China. Knopha Knopha is a Xiamen based Cantonese DJ/Producer, co-founder of events promoter Beatween. His music has been released by Beijing independent electronic imprint Ran and Shanghai/Tokyo bass and grime frontier ‘Push and Pull’. In either his own production or dj mixes, Knopha always attempt to explore the variety and possibility of dance music, not to be conformed by the usual House and Techno.
Drum & Bass Hip Hop Minimal Pop Dance / Euro Techno
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