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DJ Dayong TECHNO之夜巡演
呼和浩特市, China
24.02.2018 at 08:00 AM
DJ Dayong is the first generation DJ inBeijing. He falled in love with electronic music at 16 years old andhas experience of show as professional DJ already 20 years so far. In 2003, DJ Dayong worked with the MR.BIGband drummer. In 2004 DJ Dayong enjoyed as the scene DJ for the world famous DJ FREQ NASTY. It was unique opportunity to work with well-known international artists’ China tour and worked with world famous DJs. Since 2005, DJ Dayong playedwonderful electronic concert in Beijing's major clubs. During the 2008 Olympic Games, he was theonly one Chinese DJ who was invited to work in the Australia House. Since the beginning of the Dayong’s DJ professional career, DJ Dayong participated in the numerous local musicfestival and shows. His natural personality enabled him to hold the liveatmosphere, and his unique ideas enabled him to control different styles of music. In modern electronic musicenvironment in China , House, Techno and other types are the majority. DJ Dayong hope more electronic music lovers to be offered the chance to listen to more Underground music . He loves to push the Break-Beat, Dubstep,and Drum&Bass styles in the electronic music festival and shows. DJ Dayong is not only satisfied with playing the music from different producers ,he tried to improve himself from a professional DJ to a producer. After efforts of study and practical experience, DJ Dayong start gradually to put his own ideas of music into the creation of original electronic music. In 2015,DJ Dayong formed an original electronic band "ATTACK- starting time”, featuring electronic elements and female voice Vocal with the Folk musician Kee D.oll who is good at arranging folk music and melody creation. Because of their different feelings of music they created several different styles of electronic music. Their music, DJ Dayong and Kee D.oll try to think deeply about the nature, human, soul and other deep feeling about life from their own ideas.
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