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Prajnasonic 'ANTIWAVE' Tour上海站
上海市, China
14.07.2018 at 10:00 PM
Prajnasonic 'ANTIWAVE' Tour July 14th SAT. @Dada Shanghai This summer, Beijing independent electronic music label Prajnasonic (referred to as PJSC )will kick off theri'Anti-Wave'tour for breaking your boring life with the power of real underground techno sound. Line Up: FarInfinity / VU / Max Shen / TIGREOR Artists Introduction: Far Infinity is an electronic music project by Chinese music producer, DJ and media artist Yiwei Liu. Yiwei was born in 1977 Beijing, and resident in Shanghai from later 2016. He is also one of the founders of Beijing based Electronic music labelPrajnasonic.Yiweibegan to make music fromearly90s. After 2000, he studied photography at Beijing Film Academy and worked in a media company for about 7 years. After that, he moved to Berlin and worked for magazines aculturejournalist from 2009 to 2011. Hedropback to electronic music and multimedia art scene during that time. Yiwei’s experience and knowledge come from the wide field of audio and visual background. His 'sart worksparticular focused on the exploration of space and media architectures, the creative transform of media objects. After two years in Berlin, he found a multimedia art design studio “Far Media Lab” and start Far Infinity’s live music performance from 2012. His debut album “Dark Bridges” was released by Beijing based independent electronic music label Sinotronics Records in 2014. Then he released a few Compilations from 2014 to 2016. Far Infinity’s music is Techno based. Huge influence from Ambient Dub, Detroit Techno andexperimentialmusic. For the past few years, he also worked as a musician and sound designer for contemporary dance projects, products sound design, videos soundtracks.FarInfinity is also the main creator and director ofPrajnasonicrecords, a “Post Techno” and contemporary electronic music label founded by Yiwei and other three music producers in Beijing early 2016. They push forward the exploration of electronic music in China. Their first release, four digital EPs, come out in early 2017. Yiwei will release music productions under two alias, Far Infinity andYamashiva.Inpassedfew years, Far Infinity’s installations and Live performances have been presented by Beijing Digital Art Museum, Goethe Instituts’s culture projects, UCCA Store, LDTX Theater, Beijing Electronic Music Encounter Festival 2013 and AUDI Urban Electronic Festival 2014. Far Infinity played in shared stage with Artists such as Monolake, Efdemin, Pantha du Prince and as support DJ for Moritz vonoswaldAsia Tour in Dada club Beijing 2016.In his creative career, music is the religion. He will explore deeper corners of the electronic music spectrum and never stop. Email: Links: http://far-infinity.com VU aka Zheng Dayou is a Beijing-based electronic musician,multimedia artist. From his art and design work, he gradually entered the field of electronic music and video creation. Soft warm noise into the icy rhythm, minimalist and rich spiritual melody, explore the beauty of abstraction. In the past he has participated in such events as the Shenzhen - Hong Kong City / Biennial (2007), Architecture is Arts Festival (2009), ChoP China&Europe Tour (2011)。He has worked with Shenzhen based electronic musician Zen Lu, founder of Neosound (Lament) and a series of art groups and sound art events. Independent release album《+-x/》,《VU》,《bud》。In 2016,and iimmune、far infinity、PUNX, founded the electronic music label prajnasonic, and regularly held in Techno based activities Max Shen was born in Shanghai. He runs Arkham club and set up electronic music group 4*4*4*4. He carries out the development of house/ techno dance in China and introduces current electronic music artists exchanges and acts as the DJ of Asians Vibes for Asia techno vanguard group. He is also a regular visitor of current art-multimedia activities for interdisciplinary performance artist Tian Zhuo Chen, Zhang Ding’s series of “Enter the Dragon”, 021 Art Fair and Madeln etc and music festival for “Strawberry” “Modernsky” “Intro” “Boiler Room China“ etc. He will sign Italian music label Digital Traffik and start his new journey in Europe. Jackie is a next generation DJ whose musical roots are strongly influenced by traditional Techno and at the same time making a move to anew sound and mixing. Influenced by the classic Detroit sound, he takes on the spirits and aesthetics of Underground Resistance, Tresor, and Basic Channel. As an individual feedback to the omnipresent alike digital timbres and sounds all over, he tends to return to nature of the origin, to put his audience on a musical journey of rough texture but rich in groove and speed. Jackie is an adventurous DJ who's improvisingmixtures of different elements, like sounds from old analog drum machines, some African beats, or industrial bangs are a very personal statement in opposition to DJ sets of no character and spirit. ------DADA SHANGHAI------ 上海独立电子音乐文化、DJ派对的前卫小酒吧。 每周一休息, 21点开门, 22点后DJ上台。 地址: 上海长宁区幸福路115号 (近法华镇路) 微信:dadash 新浪微博:@DADA_BAR
Drum & Bass Hip Hop Minimal Pop Dance / Euro Techno
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