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PUBLIC Pres. NICK WARREN [The Soundgarden/Global Underground/Hope Recordings]
深圳市, China
19.01.2019 at 10:00 PM
PUBLIC Pres. NICK WARREN [The Soundgarden/Global Underground/Hope Recordings] Sat.Jan 19, 2019 PM22:00 - Late OIL Shenzhen Address: 11 Ground Floor,Tairan Mansion,Tairan 8th RD., Advance Tickets: 100RMB Door Tickets: 150RMB LINK: NICK WARREN In 1988, Nicholas Warren began DJ-ing in Bristol, playing mainly reggae and indie music until house music became more popular in the UK.[2] By the early 1990s, Warren had become one of the more popular DJs in Bristol, performing regularly at the superclub Vision and DJ-ing for Massive Attack. While working at a record store in 1994, Warren met producer Jody Wisternoff and the two decided to work together.Their first collaboration was on the track "Paradise is the Sound" which they released under the artist name Sub-Version 3. Warren describes Wisternoff as being the more technical of the two, while Warren states that he "bring[s] most of the sounds into our projects" and an understanding of what music needs to be successful at dance clubs.Their next two releases were issued under the name Echo, with Way Out West being the name of their remix project.The duo soon adopted the name for their act and signed a deal with Deconstruction Records. In the mid 1990s, Warren began a residency at Liverpool dance club Cream. In 1997, Warren was given the opportunity to mix the second entry in the still young Global Underground series.The album, Global Underground 003: Prague, is a live set of Warren's from Prague. Although labelled as 003, this was actually only the second release on the Global Underground label. This began a relationship with Global Underground which led to Warren creating seven additional mix albums for the series, including Global Underground 008: Brazil, Global Underground 011: Budapest, Global Underground 018: Amsterdam, Global Underground 024: Reykjavík, Global Underground 028: Shanghai, Global Underground 030: Paris, and Global Underground 035: Lima. Warren stated that he feels comfortable working with Global Underground due to an underlying trust between himself and the label. In December 2000, Way Out West was dropped by Deconstruction, which had since been bought by BMG, as the label felt that Way Out West's album would not do well commercially.Way Out West then signed a three-album contract with Distinct'ive Records, turning down offers from other labels such as Bedrock.Their first album on Distinct'ive was Intensify, which featured the singles "The Fall", "Intensify", and "Mindcircus". "The Fall" used lyrics taken from the Cole Porter song "Autumn Leaves" and "Mindcircus" features vocals written by Imogen Heap. For the next Way Out West album, Don't Look Now (2004), Warren and Wisternoff brought in vocalist Omi and drummer Damon Reece. As of early 2007, Way Out West had begun work on new material.Warren made this possible because he is now head A&R of Hope Recordings, the label in which their last single "Spaceman" was released in 2008. In 2008, Global Underground released Warren's next compilation, Global Underground 035: Lima. Before this album, Warren had sold over 110,000 compilations in the Global Underground series in the UK alone. For in-studio mixing, Nick Warren uses Ableton Live, ProTools, and some Logic Pro on a Macintosh.[11] Way Out West's fourth album, titled "We Love Machine," was released on 6 October 2009. The song "Only Love" featuring Jonathan Mendelsohn on vocals (the album marks their first collaboration with a male vocalist) was the first single off the album, released 31 August 2009. The deluxe edition of the album on Hope Recordings is available at their own website. Nick's recent ventures have been a remix of Grafiti's song Spooky Trains, out now on Hope Recordings and a remix of General Midi's song 'Absinth'. Also in 2010, Nick released on Bedrock Recordings, with the track In Search of Silver and he began his Soundgarden show on Frisky Radio, a bi-monthly venture in which Nick plays a wide range of different sets on this popular station. 2011 marked Hope Recordings' 100th release, taken on by none other than Nick Warren himself. The track was titled 'Buenos Aires' – as Nick feels a special connection with the city, having played there on several occasions. "I am in love with the city of Buenos Aires and have the most amazing time, each and every time I go there to play. I started writing this tune after playing there last year". Hope Recordings' next release was by Tom Glass, titled 'Naive' for which Nick did his own 'Psychedelic Wheel' Remix. In November 2011, Nick released another solo single, Rumbletump, on Hernan Cattaneo's Sudbeat label. On 25 August 2012 Nick announced via his Facebook page that he would be compiling the next Renaissance Master's series album, set for a January 2013 release. He demonstrated his excitement for the release stating "These are exciting times for electronic music with genres and styles more eclectic than ever before and with this album for the Masters series I hope to highlight some of the most breathtaking and diverse electronic music in 2012." SAM LAI Sam Lai, who’s been deeply influenced by electronic dance music, started his DJ journey 6 years ago. He had the experience of holding all kinds of outdoor rave parties (tunnel, park, beach, etc.) in Shenzhen since 2011. He continued to hone his mixing skills and built up his unique structure. He earned a good reputation in the underground music scene of south China. He performed in Strawberry Music Festival, One Love Electronic Music Festival, Honey Lake Music Festival. He has been invited to play with British acid house pioneer MR.C, outstanding electronic dance music producer Elvis T, Hiroshi Watanabe a.k.a Kaito (Kompakt), Berlin techno legend Mijk van dijk, Franch vinyl expert Jack De Marseille, Ambivalent(Cocoon), Tobias.(Berghain), Eric Cloutier(The Bunker New York), DJ Bihn (Perlon), Rrose etc. He played at many famous venues in south China such as Oil Club, Pepper Club, Sector Club, Hangover, Public, Magma, DeSOUND, Peacock S.K.A, Demo Club. Sam masters the skill of building up atmosphere for party people, he wants his audience to enjoy more than just music but also the whole ambience. PAL WONG Based in Guangzhou, Pal Wong influenced by some alternative music since childhood. He kept on spending most of income to buy records after stepped into the society for years. He Learned DJ skills more than a decade ago, and played in some famous nightclubs in Guangzhou. In recent years, he has been committed to perform in occasions and parties that share similar ideas. Pal has a variety taste of music, and from years of accumulation, with his rich experience and unique way, he’s always able to come up with some extended DJ sets with high quality. It seems that he is covering a mysterious veil on audiences eyes, since his performance style is between fuzzy and distinctive. In spite of its excellence, his DJ skill tends to be low-pitched like running water due to great tolerance. He’s a quiet disc jockey with tepid style. Through Electronica, Deep House, Tech House, Techno, a sense of pure beauty and oriental delicacy was shown on his DJ Set. MUGI (VJ) A science guy but loves design, graduated from department of mechanical engineering and is engaged in the clothing industry. He used to perform on theater stages while in university and is a former actor at Hong Kong Zuni and Edward Lam Theatre Company. Mugi has been listening to British rock and electric music since junior high. His first contact with electronic music party culture was in Guangzhou in 2006. In 2015, he aroused interest in studying the relations between visual art and electronic beats. In his leisure time, he started to write with laptops and collaborate with computer image, VJ and visual artists. With the rhythm, Mugi can always converts layers of overlapping materials to fantasy visions, just like like unreal dreams, leading party animals to a wonderful space.
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