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Solitary Confinement 2 - Mantis, Tribes
中国, Wuhan
23.09.2017 at 10:00 下午
Date | 日期 : 09-23-2017 DJ Lineup | 演出阵容: Mantis (South Africa 南非 - Shenzhen 深圳), Tribes (UK 英国 - Guangzhou 广州) Genre | 类型: Techno ------------------------------- DJ Biography | DJ自传: ------------------------------- MANTIS (South Africa 南非- Shenzhen 深圳) Born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, Mantis is now one of the most influential people in the Shenzhen underground music scene. After a music and DJ career that spans many years, over 10 of which have been spent in China, Mantis has and continues to establish numerous projects which helps the music culture of the places where he resides. He is the Founder of The Mantis Project and has been the Music Director for various Clubs in Shenzhen . 出生并长大于南非约翰内斯堡的Mantis是目前深圳地下音乐领域里最有影响力的人物之一,拥有多年在音乐和DJ专业领域的丰富经验,并且在中国的十年时间里,Mantis还建立了非常多的音乐项目,参与不同的音乐活动,充分影响到当地的音乐文化。他是Mantis Project的创始人,并曾在深圳数家酒吧担任音乐总监。 ----------------------------- TRIBES (UK 英国 - Guangzhou 广州) Tribes is a belligerent techno militant from the North of England. As head of the Hoofer Doofer Electronic Music Festival for five years in the UK he was also a resident dj at cult Liverpool techno cell, "Rehab" alongside friends John Heckle and Binny; Here in China he is co-founder and resident of the Guangzhou techno outfit "Hoodoo," host of the Phoenix Radio "Hardware Show," that brings world class guest djs to his true-techno podcast series out of Guangzhou as well as recently starting the "Dope Demand" parties at Guangzhou's Mafa Bar. He is a digger who likes to find textured sounds in his record choices, whether it he is smashing the dancefloor bangdogs or taking a dub trip of a sunny afternoon, he will be playing unique sounds and will be worth your attention. ----------------------------- Wuhan Prison Below 7days Inn, Lumo Road 118, Optics Valley, Wuchang, Wuhan. 武汉市洪山区鲁磨路国光大厦A座7天连锁酒店楼下
Wuhan Prison
Acid House Alternative / Indie Bass Breaks & Beats Dance & Edm
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