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14.12.2017 at 10:00 下午
TOTALLY RAD VOL.7 A monthly party dedicated to retrowave music and visuals 80s I Synthwave I Nu-Disco I Retrowave I Outrun I Cyberpunk 2017.12.14 LOOPY FREE ENTRY ****************************************************************************************** Let's face it kids, modern life is rubbish, so let's transport ourselves back to a time when Terminators and Gremlins lit up the silver screen, Knightrider was the the best show around and things RAD. Or maybe we can jump in a Delorean and travel to the future where the neon shines bright, replicants dance to Morodor-esque synthesized disco-music and everyone looks like they just stepped out of the movie The Warriors. TOTALLY RAD is a new monthly party that promises to transport you to a different time and space entirely, via the medium of synthwave, nu-disco, outrun, retrowave and cyberpunk. Resident DJ and 80s-obsessed Junks frontman ECTOPLAZM will be joined by a phallanx of different DJs each month in order to bring you an 80s-inspired, retro-futuristic disco party that will take you back to the future...and then some. So, get your leathers on, charge your batteries and get ready to stop, drop and roll. ********************************************** LVOWHY LVOWHY is a DJ duo project, which consists of two DJs who got involved with the music scene in 2014. Originally from Russia and Kazakhstan, they are now based in Hangzhou, China. With the intent to bring something new to the music scene in China, they are always mixing recently released tracks together with the best hits of the season. A selection of their genres is Bass House, Future House, Tech House, Trap & Hip-Hop - but for Totally Rad Vol.7, the duo will lay down an exclusive retrowave set. ********************************************** ECTOPLAZM Ex-Party Horse and snake-hipped Junks front-man Ectoplazm is on a mission to bring retro-wave and tasty synth revival cuts to the masses. Blonde-haired, funkily dressed and never without his trusty baseball cap, Ectoplazm likes to keep one foot in the past and the other firmly in the future. As the frontman of defunct trash-pop duo Party Horse and now dystopian-synth band Junks, Ectoplazm is in thrall to all things neon, 80s and retro, and his fun-loving DJ sets are full of arpeggiated synth lines, punchy drums and songs that soundtrack your retro-futuristic dreams. Based in Hangzhou, Ectoplazm is part of the city's growing party scene and has performed in his various musical guises at some of China's biggest music festivals, (including MIDI and Strawberry Music Festival) and some of the most happening clubs (DADA, Loopy). In 2017 Ectoplazm toured China with Swedish synthwave artist Robert Parker, DJ Devereaux 85 and Don Voyage, and performed with Local Suicide in Berlin. Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads… 前Party Horse乐队和Junks乐队主唱,ECTOPLAZM身负使命为大家带来retro-wave复古波和美妙的合成复兴音乐。金发、放克独特装扮和永不放弃棒球帽的ECTOPLAZM总是一只脚踩在过去,另一只脚坚定地伸向未来。 作为已经解散的双人trash-pop乐队Party Horse和反乌托邦合成器乐队Junks的前主唱,ECTOPLAZM魔性的挚爱所有霓虹灯、80年代和现代复古流。他乐趣所在的DJ表演充满合成器琶音、震撼的鼓声和追踪你复古又未来梦想的声迹。 扎根于杭州,ECTOPLAZM是这个城市派对成长愿景的一部分,并且他已经在中国各大音乐节受邀表演,其中包括迷笛和草莓音乐节。
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