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XIA | 下
上海市, China
24.01.2019 at 09:00 PM
EVENT:“XIA | 下” DATE:Thursday,January 24,2019 VTICKETS:Free entry ENUE:Dada Shanghai DJ’s: Cruel Buddhist., Biboux, Kodama, Arno D. & Johannes Celebrating the triple anniversaries that month of Marine, Arno and Kodama! Bringing aural pleasure we are extremely proud to present a very special guest - Cruel Buddhist. The Shanghai based musician and producer of Lofi, R&B, Funk and Vaporwave, signed to Eating Music, incorporates looping and improvisation into his live sets using a sampler, synthesizer, guitar, and vocoder. In addition we also have the debut appearance of Biboux, who blends dub, house, chill-hop and ambient into an eclectic live performance. Kodama will bring his trademark psybient with some dubbage thrown in Finally, Arno D. & Johannes return, as always, for a majestic live chill-step and drumming set. Cruel Buddhist : Cruel Buddhist is a Shanghai based musician and producer of Lofi, R&B, Funk, and Vaporwave music. He incorporates looping and improvisation into his live sets using a sampler, synthesizer, guitar, and vocoder. Cruel Buddhist showcases organic human performance in the context of digital production based music by employing lessons from zen wabisabi aesthetic.  His work “Attention Deficit Daydreams Vol.1” was recognized for this effort and awarded display at Shanghai’s Hima Art Gallery in 2017. In the last year, his efforts have brought him inclusion in major lofiplaylists, collaborations with brands like Beats, Carhart, Chanel, and a major live event performance with hit TV show “Rap of China”. Biboux: Experimental music based on loop sampling. From chill-hop to techno i tend to like mixing genders. Kodama: Born and bred in Belgium, at the age of fifteen Kodama moved to global music capital London where he picked up his love for psytrance at the now legendary Drome. Now already over a decade in China, he spent most of that time as half of Magic Garden planting the seeds of the global psychedelic trance scene, throwing fully decorated parties at iconic venues (some now long come and gone) such as club dkd, G+, MAO, Park 97, Madam Zung, Rojam, SOS, Babyface, Shelter, Dada, Logo, Cinderella etc. Some of these events, such as the two year Full Moon residency at dkd, the G+ Halloween Monster Bash attended by 2800 people and the Nine Year Anniversary at 1933 – Asia’s largest (now defunct) art deco abattoir - have gone down in Shanghai nightlife folklore. Further afield Kodama has had the pleasure of playing ZOOM Bar on Koh Phangan Beach, Thailand. Bringing over internationally renowned psy-trance artists such as Shane Gobi, Vishnudata, Life Extension, he has also shared the decks with Paul Taylor, Martian Arts and Braincell. Kodama is now proud to be a member of GoaProductions, the foremost Chinese psytrance outfit which are pushing the scene forward with a label, nationwide international artist tours and proper outdoor festivals. His technical sets range from progressive to full on psy; driving, techy yet melodic and always tuned into the crowd. Providing the perfect balance to his powerful dance floor sets he also spins luscious downtempo across the whole spectrum, ranging from ambient through dub to lounge. Arno D. & Johannes: Arno came from South France and moved to London in 1995. In 2004, he started "Soul berries", a DJ settlement music project that promoted Funky beats. With a lot of shots and Tech-House, they used to perform in Herbal, Aquum, 333, the White House, ministry of sound and more. Born in Berlin, Johannes began playing African drums in 2001 and entered the world of electronic drums. Now he brought Looper and FX into his performance. They have worked together for the past 5 years and their performances are in the style of Techno/Tech-House, and they will also be integrated into Chill step and Bass depending on the situation. 

Drum & Bass Hip Hop Minimal Pop Dance / Euro Techno
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