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YinYang Music Festival 2018
Beijing, China
17.06.2018 at 12:00 PM
We are incredibly excited to announce the 5 years anniversary of YinYang Music Festival @ Great Wall of China! We started in 2014 with the quest to bring a new, globally outstanding electronic music festival experience to China and to grab worldwide attention about the Chinese electronic music scene. Now, 5 years later YinYang Music Festival (YYMF) has become one of the oldest running electronic music festivals of China and attracted visitors and media attention from all corners of the world. We have kept our festival soul pure by focusing on music, arts & society development instead of putting money at the first place. This is in strong contrast to the recent overload of commercial EDM festivals in China where it’s first and foremost about money, showoff, fame and VIP service. Main Features of YinYang Music Festival This year we celebrate the 5 Years Anniversary of our festival. Historical Great Wall location: the YYMF takes place on the authentic Huang Ya Guan黄崖关长城 part of the Great Wall, build in AC 556 and located between Beijing & Tianjin. Green Development Festival: we will spend 30RMB per sold festival ticket to build a YinYang Festival Forest in Tianjin City. 20 international artists will fly to China to perform at YYMF. They have been selected for their incredible live performances, vinyl sets and DJ performances, both well known or totally new to you. 40 China based acts will show you the best from the Middle Kingdom. Non-commercial: festival visitors are allowed to bring their own food & beverages onto the festival, entry prices are affordable for all and include entrance to visit the kilometers long Great Wall leading into the mountains. Daytime stage with DJ on top of Great Wall: especially the sunrise there is incredible. MainStage @ Great Wall Castle featuring 3D mapping visuals which turn the Great Wall into a visual art piece. Outdoor Night stage running 2 nights from 10pm - 6am RGB Silent Disco Battle Stage on top of Great Wall, serving as open deck where artists and visitors can have a unique performance opportunity. Diverse selection of Electronic Music: house, techno, electro, 8Bit, funk, bass, psytrance, deep house, disco, synth pop. Incredible accommodation: Camping and hotels inside ancient Great Wall Courtyard and at 5 minutes walk from festival entry. Tai Chi and Yoga Sessions Culture exchange project with Cabaret-Aleatoire club Marseille (France) and Jack in The Box Marseille.
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