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重影 Multiple Shades 
上海市, China
04.05.2019 at 09:00 PM
EVENT: Multiple Shades  DATE: Saturday, 4 May 2019 VENUE: Dada Shanghai  DJS: Jeff Chong (cn), Cice (cn), Jode (uk) TICKETS: Free entry ‘Multiple Shades’ returns to Dada. In epic combination DJs Jode, Cice and Jeff Chong bring you house music from across the spectrum that will swerve from deep to tech, Chicago to UK bass and beyond... Multiple Shades is a journey within a genre that commands respect... enjoy the ride.  Jode Originally from the uk, Jode has been djing since around 2000. His early affinity with electronic music began with drum & bass during the mid to late 90s through buying records, clubbing, dabbling in production and djing at smaller events and private venues in the UK, this eventually blossomed into an appreciation of all things electronica. Now in Shanghai he feels his bass-driven, organic selections of house music, among other styles, have found a foothold. House is a very broad-ranging genre and he feels it should be respected and played as such-aside from individual gigs, he heads up his own local and long-running house & breaks events on the underground scene in Shanghai, including Lose Your Face & Multiple Shades he has been playing out at multiple venues since early 2013 in Shanghai, Including Dada, Shiva Lounge, Downtown, The Shelter & URVC. Jode's influences include LTJ Bukem, Ramon Tapia, Inland Knights, Columbo, Tigerstripes, Martin Dawson, Tigerskin, Low Steppa, Doomwork, Maya Jane Coles, Photek, Orbital, Calibre, William Orbit, Billy Kenny and so on... expect it different. Jeff Chong Jeff Chong was born and grew up in Hong Kong. He started his electronic music journey early because he enjoyed learning from elder musicians and DJs. When he was 14 years old, he became deeply attracted to deep house & techno music and this pushed him to become an underground DJ. Since 2013 Jeff Chong has immersed himself in the underground scene in many well known clubs in Shanghai, Bangkok, Osaka and other cities-after 3 years on the scene he began to organize his own party brands and music labels such as SPAN SHANGHAI, VOUIS RECORD, MOIST... all with a purpose to promote and establish local music and DJs....he never stops searching for the sound which is able to make people smile while they are dancing. Disco funk to deep house, minimal with jazz elements, funky techno to groovy tech house... these are all Jeff’s dj trump cards... Jeff pursues the rhythm with a vengeance.  Cice Raised by the warm rays and sea tainted breeze of South China, Cice's musical journey started with an extensive library of 4/4 dance rhythms, eventually realizing that her ambition lies in the untapped emotion of her audiences through house and techno. Moving a decade forward, the underground scene in Shanghai and beyond has been infiltrated by her ambiance... Cice weaves her spacey melodies... enjoy the ride.    
Techno Drum & Bass Pop Dance / Euro Hip Hop Minimal
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