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With much excitement and even more enthusiasm, we present the Go Hustle EP from Ania Iwinska and Thee Cool Cats. These are two artists who have been on our radar for the last year and god damn, we are proud to finally present their first release on Anabatic! Ania is the definition of a prolific producer and you should know her from tracks released on Sleazy G and Erase Records. She has been sending us some great tracks, but we really wanted to have something off the hook for her first EP on the label that perfectly fit with our vibe. So, when she teamed up with Thee Cool Cats, we knew we were going to hear something serious. To be honest though, we were not expecting such a burner! Now, if you dont know about the Thee Cool Cats either, you should do your homework and check out their strong releases on Cuff, Toolroom, and Bunny Tiger. They are the type of producers that can get all those booties shaking, so you know they are a great Anabatic pickup. The first track Hustler Parade has been my go-to track to start the party for months. With a nice grimey bassline laid over some big 808 style break beats, its bouncy, heady and fun. As the devoted Anabatic fan would know, this is the kind of track we love to put out. It gets the energy going without ever being over the top. Ill be honest, Im letting one of my secret weapons go, so love it and cherish it. Naturally, with such a great track, it needed a friend to make a proper EP. Being the diligent producers that they are, ...
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