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A mix done in the aftermath of the U.S. Election using tunes that crossed my mind. I have a dream - LB Dub Corp feat Benjamin Zephaniah It’s a War - Kano (Serge Santiago & Tom Neville edit) Provoke - Secluded (Shifted Remix) Jefferson - Klienfeld Extinction Event - Azari and iii (Robert Hood mix) Beast - Roman Lindau (Original Mix) Take the Key - Developer [Modularz] The Rioter - Vegim (Mike Humphries Remix) Clench of Fist - Developer [Planet Rhythm] Crash - Pfirter [Mindtrip] Unspeakable Things - Shadowdancer (Paul Mac Remix) New Blood - Ben Sims (Rob Hood Mix) Dread - Kirk Degiorgio [Machine Label] Departing Comfort - Drumcell (Planetary Assault Systems Remix) Crossroads - Qoso (Perc Remix) Backwards - Gary Beck Hot Air - Audion Denial - Josh Wink (Tweak Dub) Differences - Blackhall and Bookless (Mike Dehnert mix1) Alarm - Rob Hood [M-Plant] Dismantle - Submerge (Octave Remix) Greed - Laurent Garnier (Dave Clarke mix) Promiscuous - Developer Momentum - Jeroen Search (Original Mix) [ Laughing at You- Dead Sound (Bas Mooy remix) America - Dj Rush Just a Man - Audion and Ellen Alien [Spectral Sound] Mexico - Audio Atlas [Mathematics] Propaganda - Yellow Magic Orchestra
Mixtape tracks
LB DUB CORP - I Have a Dream feat Benjamin Zeph...
KANO - It's a War (Serge Santiago & Tom Neville...
SECLUDED - Provoke (Shifted Remix)
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