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Each year the music continues to change and evolve, and at times its hard to keep up with where its going. The Epic Trance genre has had an enormous boost to its appreciation through the massive American market which seems to have taken to it like a storm. This has seen the Abora label become one of the most prominent labels in under 2 years. The Principal has also taken a lot of the artists under his wing, and we now see artists who had retired, coming back. Andy Blueman is one such, but he doesnt seem to have found his old rhythms yet - we live in hope. As with every year, we see new artists come and go. Simon OShine is well represented this year, although he is moving into lighter sounds. He has been replaced by another remarkable young artist who goes by the name New World. His symphonic sounds are extraordinary, producing sweeping acoustic vistas that have to be heard to be believed. On our short list for this album we had no less than 10 New World tracks or remixes. That says a lot about what we think if his music. In the end we chose two tracks to close the album. 2014 has also been a year with many vocals, and this is represented in our album, though a higher proportion of vocals than normal. CD1 starts with 4Ever from Solarstone and moves through some wonderful vocals including Superlative by Robert Nickson & Ruben De Ronde, to the immensely popular Lovers featuring the silky male vocal Lemon. This track has a brilliant energy change in the l...
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