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Bubblejam on Jan-30, 2017
About this track
The first release of 2017 sees the debut of Mikronaut on Bubblejam. Mikronaut is a St. Paul, MN based producer, with releases on Funk N Deep, Reload Black & HASH Records. We are seriously proud to present these inspiring pieces of music. A four track EP of immense quality, and originality, will have you and your listeners captivated. The 'Nostalgia' EP is nothing short of a masterpiece, and we are certain your going to blow the roof off with it. Thanks for listening... Bubblejam boasts some of the most profiled artists in the Tech House and Techno scene, so the demand for the promos has always been great. So please try to chart the music if you are supporting, its very important to us and to all our artists. Tracklist: Frogger Ego Ecstasy Delusion
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