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Hardware #011 [Ross Alexander] (May 2017) Hardware Show on Phoenix Radio is back! And with something very special, bringing you the 'Forte Techno' label boss, Ross Alexander, with a sensational live set. Blitzing his Korg EMX, Elektron Machinedrum with more few mutters of his modular system, this is a true hardware live set that we are so keen to bring to the great Middle Kingdom. 'Forte Techno' has been a true force for cutting edge, tough edged and textured techno over the last few years and there is a bulging back catalogue for our listeners to get their ears into. One for the true techno 人. A tremendous talent and something of a workaholic polymath, we are extremely grateful for his contribution, get on it! Hardware on Phoenix Radio 100% pumping Techno hosted by Tribes coming at you twice per month download & stream @
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almost 2 years ago
嗨,这是我主持的播客节目: 非常荣幸我们将在广州Phoenix Radio电台的“电音播客”中介绍这位来自英国赫赫有名的艺术家ROSS ALEXANDER。   他是英国知名Techno厂牌“Forte Techno”的主理人,也是一位非常出色的DJ。除了用Korg EMX, Elektron Machinedrum等创作之外,他还制作了自己的模组合成器。我相信Techno的爱好者甚至是普通的电音爱好者都会被他的精彩的现场所惊艳。   现场表演将在10分30秒开始 Live因为具有很强的表演性和即兴成分,拥有超强的现场魅力。 Live作为一种电子音乐人现场表演形式在世界范围内风潮日趋强势。艺术家通常会使用到一连串的硬件设备或电脑笔记本,进行现场表演。它区别于DJ们使用唱机、CD机或各类软件来播放被提前录制好的音乐。电子音乐的Live Set还可以加入各类原声乐器或人声现场。 下载@
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