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For two long years, Worthy locked himself up to create something special, something definitive. In an effort to break down barriers, Worthy went against the mundane world of expectation. He sought to make something surprising. Liberated and unchained, Worthys debut album Disbehave is the ultimate expression of his being - defiant, unexpected, and a work completely of his own design. After all the hard work to create something unique with Disbehave, Worthy and Anabatic Records excitedly present an equally original remix compilation with Disbehave Remixes Part 1. Enlisting his favorite producers to remix the album, Worthy tapped Stanton Warriors, Matt Tolfrey, Walker & Royce, Tom Budden, Mason, Smalltown DJs, Pezzner and Bachelors of Science. Each remixing artist applies their own personal style to thoughtfully rework the tracks to achieve something eclectic but true to Worthys disbehaving essence. All the remixes stand on their own, delivering on Worthys intention to make Disbehave Remix Part 1 as diverse in sound as the original album.
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