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Date - 26.12.2016 Music Artist Name: Ishty Vocals DOB: 14.04.1990 Nationality: British Town: Bedford (U.K.) To Who it may concern, I am currently an unsigned music artist, D.O.B 14/04/1990 British born artist. I am known by my artist name 'Ishty Vocals' and can be found via YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. I write my own music as well as sing and rap and have produced six music videos. I have become well known within my town – Bedford,London, Birmingham and various cities throughout the UK within the past few years Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require any further information and please remember I have many more exclusive and new productions which have not been released from my album, which I am more than happy to send you some previews of. If there is any way you can contact me with a response and discuss my work further in hope that I can be considered, whether it be face to face or telephone discussion, I would greatly appreciate it. Mobile: 07852730581 Email: WeChat: Ishanc12 Kindest Regards, Yours Faithfully, Ishan Chohan Link: - A Diamond In The Night (Shot exclusively in Paris): - OTG - Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is Good Stuff:
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Ishty V 钻石
@魏雪峰 hello
11 个月 前
Do this one has higher quality one ?
4 个月 前
Ishty V 钻石
@EmmaXue thank you, how are you?