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Up this month we welcome Onlooker to Anabatic with the Bump EP. Onlooker is a collaborative project of Sydney based producers Thomas Brennan and Pip Dolan, who draw on elements from Techno, UK Bass and early US House music to their sound. When the guys sent us over these two tracks we were blown away by the quality and depth in the music and the amazing sonic quality of their production. The two tracks are just perfect for Anabatic, Big bass with some moving beats. First up on the EP is Bumpin, which has been a great song for the late night or to take my sets a bit more moody. It rides off some super funky but heady bass and synths with some really amazing drums. But dont worry about it being too deep this one is still bumpin as the title says and keeps that energy going we all love to feel from the crowd. The second track Yardwork keeps the vibes going and is even more funky and dirty and more pumping. I have been loving this one in the middle of my sets and it works so perfect on the floor. Hope you enjoy, Worthy
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