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Made In China is a very special release for everyone here at GoaProductions, it marks the start of music produced by Chinas first generation of native homegrown Psytrance artists. GoaProductions main man Atoned Splendor has spent the past year working closely with three promising Chinese talents, Acid Echoes, Yi and Sixears. The outcome was three killer tracks, Tribalize, Polysix and Goblin Funk. Tribalize as the names suggests is a dust-kicking, foot-stomping affair with pounding drums that transport the listener into an otherworldly dimension of ancient totemic psychedelic rituals. Polysix is an upbeat slice of melodic Psy that builds up into an effortlessly uplifting psychedelic riff at the end. Then finally we have Goblin Funk, crunchy FX and a cheeky groove, with a killer 303 lead. What more could you ask for. All in all an amazing set of debut tracks! Keep your eyes on the Middle Kingdom and GoaProductions!
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about 3 years ago
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