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Popasuda 2016 Global Mixtape, Crazy International sounds all remixed for the dancehall, with custome cut tunes bringing world vibes, heavy bass, and a very unique dance music experience. POPASUDA is Shanghai’s premier (global music brand), bringing a variety of music from all over the world. Led by Dj Skinny Brown, POPASUDA brings custom cut music and remixes from across Asia, Africa, South America, Europe, and India. Popasuda also comes ready to battle (fight), with a full selection of custom reggae (“dubplates”/music) from some of the best Jamaican artists. Based in Shanghai for the past 5 years, POPASUDA was also Voted best Dj Crew of 2016 by City Weekend Magazine, and featured in Vice China and UK, and almost every major Shanghai publication. POPASUDA brings you a unique musical experience that you will hear nowhere else.
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