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Released on Jan-10, 2018
About this track
So two years ago I moved out to LA, with about 400 dollars to my name. It was exciting, (pretty dumb) So a year ago I was drinking on my porch at night when I saw this decrepid sad looking black cat outside on the street. This cat was rail thin, missing fur everywhere, clipped ear - essentially looked like he/or she had seen better days. So me being the altruistic animal expert I am, I heated up some fish and left it out on the street (cause cats like fish right?). Every day that week this cat would come up to the front porch and meow for food, and every day I'd feed her, to the point where she would actively try to slide in the door on my way back in. So eventually I caved - even tho I had never had a pet before and didn't know the first thing about cats - and took her over to the vet to get checked out. And suprisingly, she was fine, if somewhat malnourished, vet basically said "there's no chip either so...this is your cat now". And at first she was ugly, and kinda smelly, and sometimes she still wakes me up by purring in my face until she gets breakfast, but I love her. Her fur grew back in over the course of a few months and now shes a beautiful feline who still enjoys playing more with a nickel or hair tie more than any toy I buy her. Anyway, I wanted to write a song from the perspective of Sasha during that time when she came into my life - and I hope the emotional arch of the track reflects those feelings. much love & keep in touch ~
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