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The third installment in this series of EP's from the man known as Sound Shifter and once again he delivers big time with his original versions and his choice of remixers! Boomsha is extremely honoured to bring you this next installment showcasing this mans creativity and diversity!!......The first track 'Day Rising' is a rather nice mellow intro to the EP, the kind of track that will keep you warm on these cold dark winter up 'Sentient Realm' is everything you could hope for, whilst it still has the warmth and atmospherics it takes you a little deeper in to the ether!.....track three '94 Bad' is a homage to everything Sound Shifter has been influenced by from the era it name checks and it hits hard!!!......Remix duties are by Schoco ( a Boomsha stalwart and favourite ) the X-E-Dos who's history speaks for itself and a new addition to Boomsha, the Wellbelove, another producer of some notoriety from days gone by and the present!!!........once again, this collection of tracks, in our opinion, defines 'future jungle!'
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