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Keeping The Rave Alive has been sweeping the globe over the past 4 years uniting true hard music lovers, those who don't wish to pidgeon hole their love for the harder styles and embrace all forms in one, appreciating the musical diversity which at this time has never been greater. Lead by the pioneer of this global movement, hailing from Uk shores this true scene legend works tirelessly to overcome the battles of musical genres and stereotypes and spread the love of hard music worldwide . His name is Kutski and the year he will bringing all the Nations of the harder styles under one banner shining bright in its 4 fluorescent colours, a Neon Nation brought to you by Keeping The Rave Alive! With the Ravers Revolution having brought out the ravers from the shadows uniting as one to stand firm behind this new superpower, bringing together ravers from Los Angeles to Sydney, Oberhausen, Germany to Stockholm, Sweden and on our home bases of Glasgow & Portrush here in the U.K we aim to revisit all of these key destinations as well as taking over more territories in our quest to spread the Neon Nation across all markets. Prepare to unify the Nation, a Neon Nation! KTRA250!
about 1 year ago
OMG!!! 🤭
almost 2 years ago
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