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GoaProductions is proud to present our first solo release from Martian Arts, a producer who is quickly gaining widespread recognition across the globe as a fantastic artist who has an immense understanding of how to make truly psychedelic dance floor music. Impeccable production quality combines with deep audio soundscapes to create music that is aurally stunning and immersive whilst at the same time rocks the socks of any dance floor. The title track Grey Area has a very unique sound and style. A deep driving groove with a brooding dark edge intertwine with classic old skool Goa style melodies to create a really innovative track. Rezon8 is a collaborative track between Martian Arts and JP. Trademark Martian Arts grinding synth sounds and classic riffs brought up to date are the order of the day here. Then finally to round off the release we have a storming remix of Martian Arts VCO Sync from Predators. Basically psytrance at its best!
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