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Current place
CLUB H.G.C 无锡后宫
中国, 无锡市
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关于 CLUB H.G.C 无锡后宫
Avant-garde design style, the fashion popular element, distinct decorate a style, nowhere not reflects the harem H.G.C fashion charisma and Zhang Yangli, in more than 2000 square meters of large space, make wuxi market 4.0 bar culture, rich, diverse, full of the infinite is the direction of the temple H.G.C efforts, seven key highlights, unlimited pure electronic music party, dancing space culture, three-dimensional visual experience. Fashion and art perfectly combine the new definition of entertainment and dominate the new direction of entertainment. International, exclusive, fashion and fashion: HGC brings brand labels to palace fans. The 12 words combine the core positioning of our brand and build the first hundred DJS club in wuxi. World-class music banquet, GOGO DANCE multi-point interactive stage, exclusive harem DANCE DFD, exclusive birthday party, distinguished service, international modern layout. Omnidirectional temptation makes recreational heaven meticulously, the empress house H.G.C gives you different style, enjoy the grade that belongs to you alone however, let you place oneself in the super psychedelic vogue of future enjoyment doctrine, here, all do as one wishes.
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