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About Us

The world’s fastest growing economy, with a population of over 1.4 billion people, China is a land of opportunity and a quite literally a blank canvas for creative arts. As prosperity has arrived, a young generation of Chinese have begun to discover new ways to explore their creativity, none more so than the ever growing and fast changing Electronic Dance Music scene. Born in the west, and most predominately embraced by America, EDM is a movement that brings excitement, education, and new experiences to people all over the planet. Now it’s China’s turn to take on the challenge.

Edm is a movement that brings excitement, education, and new
 exeperiences to people all over the planet.

A platform combining some of the best features from the world’s leading music streaming services, and a brand new concept enabling East to connect to West, PYRO音乐™ is born to give a generation of Chinese not only access to the biggest dance record labels and DJs around the world, but to also enable you to change the way you listen, create and share your own style of Electronic Dance Music. Use PYRO音乐™ to help discover new music, in the highest quality formats, and shape your sound to share with your friends and followers. Be unique, be fearless, be PYRO音乐™.

Be unique, be fearless, be PYRO音乐™

Our Vision

We want you to take control of your creativity and start to express this through music. We are working closely with some of the biggest record labels in the world to develop China as a leader in Electronic Dance Music, and we believe here we can find talent worthy to create an incredible scene which changes the way you want to go out and enjoy music.

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You are a DJ

If you are DJ, use PYRO音乐™ to learn how to produce and explore your sound, create a following, bring value to your career. Don’t accept that DJing is not a real job, follow your dreams and help educate your friends and follows what music culture is all about. Organise parties, play the music you believe in, not just what someone has told you to play. Change the culture in your local nightclub so people want to follow your leadership and discover the music you show to them.

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You are a Listener

If you are a listener, use PYRO音乐™ to discover music not just from around the world, but from your local DJs & producers. Follow them and give them support. Create a star from your town. Say no to generic music and just going to nightclubs for drinking girls. Go for the music, go for the experience and open your mind to new ways of enjoying your life.