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About Dimensional Records
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Dimensional Records is a recordlabel from Belgium that works under management by DJ Chakras. Dimensional Records was born in 2010 and is located at the coast of Belgium, in Oostende. The label's name comes from our previous Dimensional indoor and outdoor parties and the Dimensional Beachparty in 2010 on the beach of Zeebrugge. Dimensional Records is a vehicle for unrestricted creativity, specializing in new genres of music and the organized attack on pop culture. The artists at Dimensional Records create through self imposed standards and rules, never adhering to the popular idea of genres. Each artist is an individual functioning under their own conceptual stratagem but as a whole, they become a forum of new ideas and discussions. We believe that all forms & musicstyles of underground music share the same energy. We are attempting to make that connection by releasing music which might seem unrelated at first listen, but have a bonding unrestricted spirit.