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Internet label named Extract Records was founded by three techno fans Martin Palo, Erik Simerle, and Matej Deo Deak, both known under their stage names ' Matt Es ' and 'Erik S'. Is located in the heart of Europe small country entitled Czech Republic. As truly enthusiasts in elektronic music especially in Techno music. These fans from beginning of creating their own tracks never be tried copy any artist. In this spirit is created whole label with all sub categories named dark techno, or this days more popular hard techno (Schranz). Sub label will be created next followed mounth, and will bring more experimental and not so known sounds, but larger spectrum off dark, deep and massive styles of techno. EX-tract Records is here for everyone who is serious with creating and sharing his own and individual creation true and unique techno music. Owners mean and do all with passion and love to this great style of music. We believe you like our web pages, than feel free to take relax with our production.