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Eyetone is a London based music imprint and thus a creative platform to challenge both what you see and what you hear; A stream of conscious thoughts and emotions triggered by forward thinking music and groundbreaking design sleeves by innovative artists patiently produced with its own compelling story told for the heart, from the heart." Embedded in its roots in vinyl culture and inspired by the sonic landscape and visual horizons explored by label luminaries such as Sonar Kollective, Warp, Ninja Tune as well as with recent label imprints such as Ghostly International, Dekmantel, Other People and Bokhari, Eyetone has already garnered interest from the music and arts world for its own brand of coverwork designs and music from numerous new discoveries from the past and present. The British Library have expressed interest in the labels output to be preserved at this cultural haven as an "important cultural artefact" for generations to come. Each subsequent release will now be housed four floors below in the Sound Archive for its members and the public. Support and recognition continues to come from all corners of the DJ fraternity including Laurent Garnier, DJ Sneak, Tenshake and Evil Eddie Richards. Made out of passion and standing beyond todays current trends, Eyetone continues to quietly go about its business of presenting music with substance and unique packaging that can become a true collector's piece for any avid music collector for generations ...