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Family Grooves - a record label managed by Silvio Hrabar and Izabela Hrabar, spouses with a common passion for music, on a mission to broadcast grooves, goodwill and positive vibes from Croatia to the world. Not so much a business as the joy of music broadcast, not so much an enterprise as an uprise, not so much commerce as community of artists with a common passion, Family Grooves is here to BRING IT. We say treats - not trends, create - don't criticize, do it - don't just talk about it! As we started out of almost nothing, a humble pile of equipment and and a whole lot of enthusiasm, we appreciate music presented - not the name behind it. We support quality over quantity. Tracks released via Family Groves are usually Funky Techno, Tech House, House or NuFunk - as long as thes are funky and groovy. Our goal is to publish quality music, without being a slave to a single genre. We are not build to suit, we live in a moment and we invite you to celebrate with us as we grow.