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Genetycs Records on May-25, 2017

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In a hot summer evening watered with beer and tequila and pasta with tomato sauce, one of the most important names in the Hardstyle scene decides to try to make something different and innovative from what he has always done. He decides to involve some of his good friends and partners, for making different brains and distinct personalities match in a unique soul, and let ideas run at 130 bpm on a river of notes that has brought all of them in the same place, with the same will of challenge themselves and the changing world. Bruno Power, just landed in the EDM scene as Overheard Dj, is proud to introduce this unique monstrous creature that will capture you with Its perverse melodies, the experience of a refined sounds hunter and the ferocity of a thirsty animal that looks for dreams in which It can nest and will never go out. The artists that are going to be protagonists of Genetycs Records, over the labels manager Overheard, will be some of the most active and important projects of these latest years, such as: Hitfinders & Molla, Once Were Warriors, Ropas, Shrkwy, Fred C., Airex, Basslap, Bettiol, and many more. Follow the monster, follow your dreams!